Launching Rock Vegas Nation


Rock Vegas Nation will be a website and regular blog. In addition, I will stay active on twitter and FB. Collectively, I will continue the Vegas live music stories.  I am sure there are more stories; yours! Follow along.

Seems bold, doesn’t it…  Rock Vegas Nation? Well believe me, there is no master plan to challenge the .com icons. Rock Vegas Nation is a result of Rock Vegas which was the winner of a dozen names considered for the book.

My first choice for the title of the book was “Vegas Comes Alive”.  I was told people wouldn’t get the correlation to Frampton Comes Alive. Guy Hobbs liked “Rockin’ Vegas” (that was close).  Tony Bonnici named it Rocking Sin City and Linda Crane wanted Sin City Music Revolution.  I like Rock Vegas!

But, Rock Vegas’ domain was not available. My daughter, digital media expert, Danielle suggested Rock Vegas Nation.  That was available!  Other daughter, Nicole (marketing expert), designed and built the web site.  Together they created the Vegas Rock Nation platform. This is a fans site.

If you have not read Rock Vegas, here is a bit more about the book. If you have, you will appreciate the sequel “Rock Vegas Nation”.

As recently as the early ’90s, Las Vegas was considered a place where headlining Rock and Roll bands went to die. Despite its reputation as the “Entertainment Capital of the World,” the city was all but devoid of major touring acts, as the paradoxically conservative instincts of the casino bosses and city fathers made it difficult for cutting-edge bands, especially rock ’n’ rollers, to gain a foothold.

Then the floodgates opened.

In less than three decades, Las Vegas has evolved into the top live music destination in the world. How did it happen? How did Vegas make the transition from Frank and Dean, Wayne and Engelbert, and the Folies Bergère to a city with more than 500,000 seats for live-music events that draw more than three million fans annually, 75% of them from outside Nevada?
In Rock Vegas, the spotlight is on the live music industry and circumstances that made this revolution possible, emphasis on the behind-the-scenes innovation that started Vegas rockin’ and opened the door for the greatest live-music explosion in American-entertainment history. It was my goal to not just write a book about how the Las Vegas’ live music scene evolved, but to provide a vehicle to educate event management professionals on how all these apply to every market.

I spent three and a half years writing Rock Vegas, conducting over one hundred interviews, reading over hundred books and viewing fifty videos. My focus is telling the fan from Vegas or interested live music visitors, the stories behind how all this happened. In addition to over four dozen stories about the characters who built the Las Vegas live music business, the book covers live music history including ticketing, crowd management, production, music distribution and the business of live music.

Stay tuned for regular Rock Vegas stories!

Rock Vegas: Live Music Explodes in the Neon Desert is available for purchase at  Amazon or Barnes & Noble.


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