2017 Joshua Tree Tour First U2 Tour to Skip Vegas

April 12th, 1987 U2 play the first date of the Joshua Tree tour at Thomas and Mack Center, then go make the music video for “I still haven’t found what I am looking for” on Fremont Street.

Pat 071
Bono-April 12, 1987-Thomas and Mack center

November 12th, 1992, U2’s first stadium show, the sensory overloaded Zoo Tour, plays Sam Boyd Stadium.

U2 Zoo TV Tour-11-12-92.JPG
Zoo Tour

April 25th, 1997, after a full week of rehearsing at Sam Boyd Stadium, the Pop Mart Tour opened in Las Vegas. The stars came out-Cameron Diaz, David Schwimmer, Trent Reznor and Michael Stipe to name a few.

November 18th, 2001, U2 return to the Thomas and Mack Center on its Elevation Tour. A runway shaped like a heart jutted out halfway onto the floor. It was filled with lucky fans.

Elevation Tour
Elevation Tour


November 4th, 2005, U2’s Vertigo tour, for the first time play a venue other than Thomas and Mack Center or Sam Boyd Stadium when they play MGM Grand Garden.

October 23rd, 2009, Daren Libonati convinces U2 to play the smallest stadium on the tour. The U2 360-degree tour, better known by its famous stage—the Claw, was the first major stadium tour to play in the round.

U2- Claw-10-23-09.jpeg
360 Degree Tour

Which Vegas U2 show did you see?

2017 Joshua Tree Tour-Sam Boyd Stadium finally too small for U2 tour. 2020 cannot come soon enough. US Bank Stadium has done three shows already (Coldplay, Guns n’ Roses and U2).

U2 US Bank Stadium

County Commissioner/LVCVA Board member, Larry Brown and I took a one day trip to see Minneapolis’s new stadium, US Bank Stadium and U2.  We landed tickets on the floor. Unfortunately, everyone on the floor was standing (GA). Fortunately, these two 60 plus seniors, found two people who decided not to come and used their seats.

The first thing you notice about US Bank Stadium is there is no parking at the stadium. No parking!  We made the mile walk from our hotel and back. In as much as there is pressure to provide parking at our stadium, with on-site parking you have snail paced traffic. Give me less parking.

US Bank Stadium

During the concert, Bono played homage to Willie Williams by having the crowd sing happy birthday. Williams is the genius behind the sets, stages and production of U2’s show. He delivered again.

A curved, 200-by-45-foot screen, as bright as the one in your living room, towered across the back of U2’s stage, which featured a runway that ended in a Joshua Tree-shaped satellite stage. That screen didn’t light up until the band got into “Where the Streets Have No Name,” the opening track of “The Joshua Tree.” Moody, prerecorded footage filled the screen for “Streets” as well as “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” and “With or Without You.”


U2 ended strong with an encore of post- ”Joshua Tree” hits, including “Beautiful Day,” bits of several Prince songs, including “Let’s Go Crazy” in “Vertigo” and “Purple Rain” during the show-closing “One.” In the end, U2 offered enough transcendent moments to make the evening a memorable one,








YES—Marathon Songs—Classic Rock Symphony

My choices for my 2nd concert of August was either Australian Pink Floyd at Joint or YES at Smith Center. I saw APF last year, so I opted for YES. The August 31st show was the first time I’d seen them since April 24th, 1984. They were the fifth concert at TMC, so I really did not see much of them.

Pat 049.jpg
YES-April 24, 1984-Thomas and Mack Center

Over the years, YES has played a dozen different Vegas venues.  In fact, YESFestival, including Carl Palmer (ELP) and Todd Rundgren played the same week at the Joint.

Smith Center is the most refined concert experience in Vegas. It opened in downtown Las Vegas’ 61-acre Symphony Park on March 10, 2012. The 2,050-seat Reynolds Hall features stunning balconies, a dramatic stage, and a full orchestra pit. Most venues on the Strip have carpeted aisles. The Smith Center has a reflective surface to create a more live room. The incredible acoustics and sound were immediately noticeable.

The older audience did not have all their phones out recording memories, but those that did, had their film time managed by the friendly ushers. The sound from the show followed you everywhere; even the restrooms.


       YES 1973

YES is “symphonic rock”. No song was shorter than eight minutes and the twelve they did averaged ten minutes a piece. At seventy-two, Jon Anderson has great range with his voice and was enthusiastic with the crowd. His unique voice and delivery coupled with the stunning guitar mastery of Rabin possessed elements of the transcendental. Trevor Rabin, uber-guitarist from Yes’ 1980’s mega-stardom, was firing on all cylinders. During “Owner of a Lonely Heart”, Wakeman and Rabin wandered up and down the aisles like latter day minstrels chugging out on a portable synth and guitar.

Wakeman was surrounded by an impressive fortress of keyboards, all of which he used at one point or another during the night. He delivered an astounding performance that was amazingly on point and consistent across the night.  He played close to flawless, and brought incredible energy to the stage, swaying and dancing to the music, alternating a variety of accessories, including his signature tambourine, acoustic guitar, bells and even a harp during “Awaken.” The rhythm section was also solid, with drummer Louis Molino III and bassist Lee Pomeroy adding expert performances as well as additional voices that helped complete the thick wall of vocal harmonies. Pomeroy, in particular, had the biggest shoes to fill, playing Squire’s classic parts who died in June, 2015.


YES 2016

YES played 12 songs in two hours. (That’s ten minutes a song).

  1. (Yes cover)

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  2. (Yes cover)

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  3. (Yes cover)

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  4. (Yes cover)

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  5. (Yes cover)

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  6. (Yes cover)

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  7. (Yes cover)

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  8. (Yes cover)

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  9. (Yes cover)

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  10. (Yes cover)

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  11. (Yes cover) (with snippet of Cream’s “more )

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YES-8-31-17-Smith Center